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Yoga Sequencing App


Yoga Sequencing App

Here you will find step-by-step explanations on how to use the


Storage of the yoga sequencing files and backup of your work

The app automatically creates a folder called 'Yoga Sequencing' in your iCloud storage or, if you do not use it, in your local storage. All .yogasequence documents that you create in the app are automatically stored here and only you can access your documents.

You can create folders in this storage area according to your needs and sort your documents.

We recommend that you copy the 'Yoga Sequencing' file from time to time to another data carrier to have a back up.

To edit and synchronize your flows on your various devices, you need to activate iCloud.

If you decide to cancel your subscription at some point, keep your .yogsequence documents anyways so that you can reopen them again and continue editing if you decide to subscribe anew.

Export all your work as a PDF as well (see instructions below), so you always have your flows at hand and additionally secured.

Download the 'Free Flow' to test die Yoga Sequencing App
Download 'Ready to teach flows' for our Yoga Sequencing App subscribers

  • Go to:

  • Click on the document you wish to download

  • The download will start automatically

  • Go to your downloads folder and click on the zip folder

  • A new folder with the downloaded Yoga Sequencing documents appears

  • If you wish, you can now move these documents to your other .yogasequencing documents in the iCloud folder 'Yoga Sequencing'

Create a new yoga sequencing file


  • iPhone and iPad: click the + sign in the upper right corner

  • Desktop and laptop: click on 'New Document' in the lower left corner

  • The platform for drawing your new flow opens

  • You can now drag and drop the poses / pictures you want onto the drawing area

  • When you're done drawing, just click 'close' in the top left corner

  • Your document is now in your 'Yoga Sequencing' folder in your iCloud or local folder with the name 'Untitled.yogasequence'

  • You can change the name of your document as you wish

  • When naming your document, please do not use the following two special characters: forward slash / and colon :

Number of poses /images per row

With the - and + buttons at the top in the middle, you can control how many poses should be placed per Row.

Presentation of the poses with or without a yoga mat

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Sequencing'


  • Activate or deactivate the button 'Show poses with yoga mat'

Presentation of pose names and choice of language

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Sequencing'


  • Here you can choose whether the pose names we have written should be displayed or not


  • Here you choose the language for the pose names if you've chosen to display them (German, English or Sanskrit)

Font size settings

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Sequencing'


  • Choose the Font size XS S M or L

Please note:​

In general the font sizes are dynamic, based on the number of poses per line.

Size XS is equal to the font size of the poses.

Write your own pose names or texts underneath the pictures

  • Click on the desired picture on your drawing section

  • Select the pen in the top left corner

  • You can now write your own pose name

  • Or you can insert a spacer to not have displayed any name underneath the picture

Search for poses/images


Unfortunately, there are often several names for the same yoga pose, which makes it difficult to label the asanas.

There are several ways you can narrow your search:

With the magnifying glass you can not only search for the names of the asanas, but also enter the following terms or parts of them:

  • Pranayama

  • Forward Fold

  • Back Bend

  • Side Bend

  • Twist

  • Hip Opener

  • Shoulder Opener

  • Thigh Stretch

  • Hamstring Stretch

  • Foot Stretch Therapy

  • Hand Wrist Therapy

  • Balance

  • Core

  • Throat Stretch

  • Wall

  • Bolster

  • Block

  • Trapeze

  • Strap

  • Wheel

  • Towel

  • Pilates

  • Essential Oils

Then click immediately below on another limitation such as 'standing'.

With practice, the search becomes easier and easier.

Label favorite poses/pictures


Do you have asanas that you need again and again? Thats where the function 'Favorite poses' comes in.

Just click on the desired image in the search results on the left of the drawing section and activate the button 'Favorite pose'.

Or you can click on an image on your drawing section, click on the 'i' symbol in the upper left corner and activate the button 'Favorite pose'.

To display the pictures you added to your favorite poses:

  • Click into the magnifying glass field 'search'

  • Click on the star next to 'all'

  • Your favorite poses will now be displayed in the search results on the left

Your favorites are not synchronised between the devices, you have to select your favorites on each device.

Duplicate an image

  • Click/tap on the corresponding image on your drawing layer 

  • Click/tap on the two squares with the + sign 

  • The image will now be duplicated and you can move it to the desired location

Change the width of the image/text box

  • Click/tap on the corresponding image on your drawing layer

  • Click/tap the + or - sign next to 'Seize'

  • The image/text box becomes wider or narrower accordingly

Delete image/text box

  • Click/tap on the corresponding image on your drawing layer

  • Tap on the bucket

  • The image/text box will now be deleted

Insert a paragraph

  • Drag an image that is to appear in the next paragraph onto the drawing layer 

  • Click/tap the image 

  • Click/tap the down arrow

  • The image will now be moved down into a new paragraph

Add a header and other information to your yoga sequence file 

Press the pencil sign to the right of the - and + buttons.

Now you can fill in the following information as you wish:






As you print your document or save it as PDF, you will see how your information is presented.

Add your logo to the header of your yoga sequence file 

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Profile'

  • In the field 'YOUR STUDIO' press photo library and select your logo

Desktop and laptop: Here you can even add your picture with 'drag and drop'.

Define the footer for the PDF export

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Export Settings'


  • Choose, if you would like the File name, the date of the last update and the page numbers to be printed in the footer of your PDF document.

Print document or export as PDF

iPhone and iPad
Press the upwards arrow directly to the right of the pencil sign.

A menu opens in which you can choose as follows:

  • 'Print' to print the document directly

  • 'Save to Files' to export a PDF and save it in your filing system


Desktop and Laptop:

To the right of the pen sign is the 'folder' sign and the 'printer' sign​

  • 'folder' sign to export a PDF and save it in your filing system

  • 'printer' sign​ to print the document directly

Save document

Die YOGA SEQUENCING APP continuously and independently saves your work as a .yogasequence document in your document storage.

Duplicate document / create own template

The easiest way to duplicate .yogasequence documents and save them as templates is directly in your document storage.

It is not possible to save an open .yogasequence document under a new name directly from the app.

Paper format and image resolution

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

  • Select 'Export Settings'


  • Select between the paper formats 'A4' und 'US Letter'

  • Choose, if your document should be a 'Portrait' or a 'Landscape'

  • Choose the picture resolution 'Standard' or 'Low', this selection has an influence on the print quality and the size of the PDF.

You bought the annual subscription and you are missing a pose / variation in the app

  • Draw your pose by hand on paper or with a drawing tool on your iPad

  • Make a photo of your drawing or save it in your 'Photo Library'

  • Open your '.yogasequence' file with the Yoga Sequencing App

  • Drag and drop the 'Text Spacer Images' box onto the drawing area

  • Click on the blank image added to the drawing area

  • Select the pen in the top left corner

  • Scroll down to 'Custom Pose Image'

  • Now add your desired picture by clicking on 'Photo Library'

If you like, just send the missing picture or a detailed description to and we'll do our best to make the pose available in the app as soon as possible.

The Yoga Sequencing App constantly adapts to your needs and grows and grows...

Information & support 

Press the 3 dots in the top right corner of the app

Choose 'Information & Support'​

Do you have any further questions?

Just write to

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